Welcome to Suggiebabies.com!  If you are looking for sweet little sugar gliders you
have found the right place. Wooohoooo we have Jellies
, that's what we call them
because they look like prickly jelly beans. Pics soon we have 9 little hoglets.  
Contact me if you are interested in putting down a deposit.anna@suggiebabies.com
Here is the link to my Hedgie page.
Suggiebabie's Jellies  
Is a sugar glider the right pet for you?

Please do as much research as you can.   Sugar Gliders are the best pet you
can have....of course I am biased....lol.  However they are not for everyone.  
They take a lot of time and patience. To aid you in your research I am adding
this link

This is the best site I have come across.  It is a wealth of information from
the moment you get your joeys and for the life of your sugar gliders.  
Our Promise to you:

  • Our Joeys will be 8 to 10 weeks oop before they will be able to go
    to their forever home, It depends on if they are eating and drinking
    well on their own.
  • They will already be eating the approved diet of HPW.
  • They will be held and loved on from the moment they come oop till
    they go to their forever homes.
  • They will come with a Pedigree/Birth certificate and a care sheet.
  • We will give you all the support you need and answer any questions
    you may have.  
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